Sandy Hook Fun Day

Welcome to Fun Day 2021!

August 7th Schedule of Events


Steps to get ready for the big day:

O4dqR4LGN7QBkT5R.png Sign up to help! Fun Day doesn't happen without help from you. Click here to see how you can help or call Patty at 512-293-3102. Even 30 minutes of your time can go a long way!
eBlGTgvvykFxbDeZ.png Plan your side dish. Classic family recipe or new discovery - it's all good! Plan to bring enough to share with your whole family and more!
. ALL Sandy Hook functions are volunteer-powered and funded through your generous donations. Links provided below for online transactions (along with mailing info).



Mail:  8224 Sandy Hook Drive, Clinton, 98236
(the cabana parking lot drop box), checks payable to Sandy Hook.

QUESTIONS? Call/text 206.423.0277 or email [email protected]


We hope you are excited as we are!